API Changelog

Every API must change from time to time. While we strive to keep breaking changes to a minimum, some changes in behavior may affect your application. Many changes also bring new or enhanced functionality to the API.

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Date Change
2016-03-31 intersects(...), distance_in_meters(...), and sub-queries
2016-03-03 New Tools for Sample Queries
2016-02-18 Discuss datasets and APIs on GitHub
2016-01-26 API Foundry path change
2016-01-04 Added more detail about how to access system fields within SODA
2015-11-25 Introducing clarified SODA API versioning
2015-10-30 dev.socrata.com goes HTTPS!
2015-10-27 API Documentation for Private Datasets
2015-10-08 New API endpoints now default for API documentation
2015-07-31 Socrata Labs Export API Deprecation, $limit raised on new dataset APIs
2015-04-27 Migration to new, high-performance Socrata Open Data APIs
2015-04-27 New advanced Export API introduced to labs.socrata.com
2015-04-27 New global catalog search API introduced to labs.socrata.com
2014-02-11 Changes to the handling of NULLs in Upsert operations

Developer Documentation Updates

On an almost content basis, we are making updates to the content, samples, and detailed documentation available on this website. In fact, you can contribute by filing issues for problems you find or by submitting pull requests with fixes or improvements.

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