Response Codes & Errors

One of the following response codes will be returned with every request:

  • 200 OK. Your request was successful.
  • 202 Request processing. You can retry your request, and when it's complete, you'll get a 200 instead.
  • 400 Bad request. Probably your request was malformed. See the error message in the body for details.
  • 401 Unauthorized. You attempted to authenticate but something went wrong. Make sure follow the instructions to authenticate properly.
  • 403 Forbidden. You're not authorized to access this resource. Make sure you authenticate to access private datasets.
  • 404 Not found. The resource requested doesn't exist.
  • 429 Too Many Requests. Your client is currently being rate limited. Make sure you're using an app token.
  • 500 Server errors. Our bad!

For any variety of error, we return a standard error message format that looks like the following:

  "error": true,
  "message": "Unrecognized arguments [column_which_doesnt_exist]"